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1 Opioids: A Practical Guide for Clinicians Example Risk Assessment Tool: Opioid Risk Tool (ORT)1 Item Score if Female Item Score if Male 1. Family History of ... Detection and quantification of benzodiazepines and Z-drugs in human whole blood, plasma, and serum samples as part of a comprehensive multi-analyte LC-MS/MS approach Identification and quantification of 35 psychotropic drugs and metabolites in hair by LC-MS/MS: application in forensic toxicology 2 © 2010 AB SCIEX What is a Mass Spectrometer Mass Spectrometers measure: − atomic weight of single elements (ICP-MS) − the molecular weight of molecules (LCMS ... Hinweise zur Durchführung von Drogentesten Im Labor können Untersuchungen auf die in der Tabelle 1 aufgeführten Substanzgruppen im Urin, Serum oder Haar ... no blood at all is available, alternative matrices such as liver, kidney, muscle, lung, etc., have to be considered for toxico-logical analysis [4]. ISOLUTE® SLE+ Supported Liquid Extraction plates and columns are designed to provide stress free extraction of analytes from biological fluids, with high analyte ... Toxicology. The Toxicology Laboratory located at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Raleigh is nationally accredited by the American Board of Forensic ... Name Gruppe Material; 17-beta-Östradiol Hormone Serum 17-beta-Östradiol im Speichel Hormone Speichel 17-OH-Progesteron Hormone Serum Test Directory Limited to specimen & container type/collection procedure 2406 items. #
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