meet kristen

Coco_Sadie(141of184)Romantic Paris PortraitsHi, so glad that you stopped by!

I’m Kristen Dee—-a fine art wedding photographer who lives in East Dallas with my husband and fur-babies!

A little about my background—I have had a passion for art since grade school but it was not until studying at Hendrix College when I picked up my first camera. Upon completing my first darkroom class, I knew that I wanted to do photography for a living.

Coming out of college, I quickly fell in love with taking photos of love and all of its components.  I have now been photographing weddings for over 6 years and could not feel more blessed!

With this background in fine art, I am able to uniquely capture natural moments and confine them within the two dimensionality of a photograph.  I try to utilize primarily natural light in order to evoke that artistic and romantic feel!  Although I am based in Dallas, I LOVE to travel so please feel free to contact me for your destination or out of state wedding!



LOVE my husband, Aric, and I could not do what I do without his constant love and support!

Fur- babies

My pride and joy! Meet the fur-babies of our family, Chloe, a golden retriever mix, and Saydee, our mini aussie.


My tattoo, which you might find resemblance of in my logo, symbolizes Faith and all that Faith conquers.

Rock Nerd

I am a bit of a nerd and sort of kind of collect rocks---geodes in particular! They are all over our house!


I love to shop whether it be for myself or for other's --if you need suggestions on what to wear, I would love to help!


Confession: I am definitely addicted to my coffee in the mornings (and some times during the day)---it is my fuel!